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Saggy Breasts! why they need Mammary Glandular reposition

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Breast Augmentation: Motiva

  🌟 Before & After: Transformative Breast Augmentation Journey 🌟 Embarking on this journey of self-enhancement has been nothing short of empowering. From the initial decision to undergo breast augmentation to witnessing the stunning transformation, every step has been filled with anticipation and excitement. Join THE Plastic Surgery for your amazing transformation ❤️ Contact us now to find out about YOUR SOLUTION ❤️ πŸ‚ whatsapp: +82 10-2024-5998 🌈 Website: 🎯 Email: ⛳Address: 6F, 868, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Thinking of revision BA? Due to Capsular contracture?

  A year after post surgery!!!  We are the place for it!!  Get your revision surgery with us!  ❤️ Contact us now to find out about YOUR SOLUTION ❤️ πŸ‚ whatsapp: +82 10-2024-5998 🌈 Website: 🎯 Email: ⛳Address: 6F, 868, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

THE Breast Augmentation Motiva

  This patient always felt that her body lacked maturity, and decided to handle her concerns with THE surgeons!   It is all about personal empowerment and boosting self-esteem!  ❤️ Contact us now to find out about YOUR SOLUTION ❤️ πŸ‚ whatsapp: +82 10-2024-5998 🌈 Website: 🎯 Email: ⛳Address: 6F, 868, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Breast Augmentation + Breast lift

  Motiva + Lift + Dr.Ock      Take a closer look at the remarkable transformation in this patient! Particularly for those who have undergone significant weight loss. We highly recommend considering breast augmentation and lift surgery. For many women, the inevitable challenge revolves around maintaining a healthy weight, and post-dieting often reveals noticeable changes, particularly in the chest area—resembling the deflation of a balloon. For individuals facing such concerns, our recommendation goes beyond a mere implant solution. We advocate for a comprehensive approach, combining breast augmentation with a lift procedure. While it's true that breast augmentation and lift surgeries may raise some concerns about potential scarring, our dedicated team at the plastic surgery clinic ensures a meticulous approach, promising minimal scarring while crafting the envisioned breast shape you desire. ❤️ Contact us now to find out about YOUR SOLUTION ❤️ πŸ‚ whatsapp: +82 10-2024-5998 🌈 Webs

Implant Breast Reconstruction with THE Plastic Surgery Clinic

               Renowned breast reconstruction authority, Dr.Ock Jae-jin, former Seoul Asan Hospital Surgeon, pioneers a two-step approach for breast reconstruction at THE Plastic Surgery Clinic. In the first stage, he utilizes tissue expanders to gradually stretch the skin, creating ample apace for subsequent implant placement. After achieving optimal tissue expansion, the second stage involves placing the expander with implants, resulting in restored, elastic, and voluminous breasts.       Breast reconstruction involves replacing lost breast tissue with implants . When insufficient skin is available to accommodate the implants, a tissue expansion procedure is initially performed. Dr. Ock introduces a saline solution gradually, expanding the tissue until there is sufficient volume. Subsequently, the expander is removed, and implants are inserted in a surgery that aims to achieve symmetry with the opposite breast. Breast reconstruction surgery not only addresses asymmetry but also con

Global Recognition: Dr. Ock Jae-jin, Chief Director of THE Plastic Surgery, Publishes Original Paper on Nipple Reconstruction in Renowned PRS Journal.

       On April 24,2019, Dr.Ock Jaejin,  THE Plastic Surgery's  distinguished medical doctor and chief director, contributed a groundbreaking original article to the PRS (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) journal .        Titled "A Modified Method Using Acellular Dermal Matrix Disk and Fragments," the publication holds particular significance as PRS journal is renowned for its top-tier evaluations, especially within the realm of chest procedures, which traditionally cater to Western plastic surgeons. Dr.Ock's presentation of original research in this esteemed journal is particularly noteworthy, highlighting the importance of his contribution to the field of Asian plastic surgery.       This paper delves into the intricacies of nipple reconstruction surgery post-mastectomy for breast cancer and subsequent breast reconstruction. Acknowledging the pivotal role of nipple reconstruction as the concluding phase in the overall breast reconstruction process, the study un

THE Plastic Surgery: Breast Augmentation Motiva

  [Breast Augmentation] Achieving Beautiful and Naturally Enhanced Breast with Motiva at THE Plastic Surgery Clinic Hello there, Greetings from THE Plastic Surgery Clinic in Apgujeong. Are you searching for information on breast-related concerns to overcome any insecurities about your breasts? It seems like there's a lot to consider when it comes to various types of breast implants, isn't it? Well, today, we're here to shed light on Motiva, one of the leading choices in breast augmentation. Let us guide you through the details at THE Plastic Surgery Clinic! Motiva Breast Enhancement: A Natural Choice Motiva implants offer a unique blend of natural aesthetics and tactile excellence. When reclining, they gracefully expand sideways, and when standing, the weight distribution naturally shifts below the chest, resulting in a beautifully natural shape. These implants hold the prestigious approvals of the the Korean KDF, ensuring their authenticity. Featuring built-in identifi