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[INFO] "THE" Thread Lift

❤❤[INFO] "THE" Thread Lift👩❤❤

"I looked better five years ago. I look so much older now. My skin is sagging. How do I solve sagging skin around jawline? I should search for skincare routine that helps with tightening and firming skin. What are procedures that can lift up my cheeks. My smile lines are getting deeper. My face line looks uneven." 

Have this crossed your mind before?
It's normal to look older as you age.
 But you can also certainly slow the aging process and rejuvenate your entire look!

And if you're further looking for procedures that are...
consider thread lifting procedures💘💘💘

Today get to know more information on different types of thread lifting.

*THE Up Thread Lift*
Characteristics: Upgrade version of conventional PDO thread, several strands of PDO thread are combined horizontally to form a single plane. Protrusion of spikes surround the plane strongly latches on to tissue effective in lifting up the wide area of sagging skin.
Treated area: Full face
Pros: Retention period of 3 years and does not create dents from latching

*Elasticum Thread Lift* 
Characteristics: originally invented by Italian surgeon, Sergio Capurro, Elasticum is made of silicone and polyester. It is soft and elastic; has same tensile strength and elasticity as soft tissues; natural like own body ligament. With its similar characteristics to ligament, it effectively lifts up sagging skin while restoring natural movement and facial elasticity.
Treated area: Full face, double chin
Pros: Stronger and longer lifting effect, effective but natural results after surgery

*Mint Lift*
Characteristics: long PDO thread that have molded barbs, shaped like arrow, has strong tensile and lifting power. Unlike traditional PDO threads, molded barbs last longer as they do not easily get changed in shape.
Treated area: Full face
Pros: strong durability and anchoring effect

Thread lift immediately delivers results through instant lifting, but DID YOU KNOW? They also stimulate skin collagen making it look more youthful and firm as they dissolve.

➹Thread lifting is suitable for those who want to improve...➹
- Mild to moderate sagging
- Fine wrinkles
- Smile lines
- Mid and lower face shape
- Skin elasticity

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[INFO] A simple procedure to rejuvenate your eyes!

Are you concerned with PANDA EYES? or even under eyes that are SAGGING? 😨

Well how can we solve these problems? 

As weather is beginning to get warm, I'm sure you ladies are excited to dress up, put on makeup, and go shopping. But are your eyes looking excessively dull, saggy, and tired? 
Well, that's why many people are interested under eyes fat reposition methods.👀 

Today, I'll be explaining who are suitable candidates for this procedure. 
First of all, this method can be performed on both males and females at any age who are suffering from sagging eyes due to under eye wrinkles, sunken eyes (grooves under eyes), bulgy eyes, and tired looking eyes. 

An easier way for ladies to find out if they are suitable candidates for fat repositioning is if they have to cake up concealers and foundations to cover up under eyes bags. 

One of the most common factors that worry patients worry after fat repositioning is... 

1) Excessive removal of fat can make eyes look even more sunken 
2) Under eyes that become the same as before surgery over time

In order to cope with these factors, we have done precise analysis and use rich experience to solve these problems, and deliver much satisfactory results. 

Let's look at how under eyes fat repositioning at THE Plastic Surgery is done. 

 STEP 1 Laser Incision 
Normally, surgery is generally done using knives and in this case may cause swelling, bruises, and bleeding easily. However, in THE Plastic Surgery we use laser on trans-conjunctiva to minimize any noticeable incision and scars seen from outside. Not only reduces swelling and bruises, this method is favorable for people who have tight schedule, need fast and prompt results. 

STEP 2 Fat Reposition
If excessive fat is the root cause of bulgy eyes, partial fat is removed and the remaining is distributed into sunken areas. Eyes will look instantly lifted and awakened. 

STEP 3 Strengthening Conjunctiva 
After smoothing out fat under eyes, strengthening the outer most layer of eyes can help fix and prevent fat from getting bulgy again. 

Why at THE Plastic Surgery? 
Delicate, Caring, Perfect results are what we offer. 
1:1 solution that aims to brighten, enlighten your eyes for youthful look and enables fast recovery without worrying about scars❤❤❤

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[VDO] The looks, feels, and movement of MOTIVA IMPLANT!

Hi guys, let's talk about the hottest silicone implant today, MOTIVA! Before that, I have a short clip of how soft and natural Motiva implants are! ^-^

Motiva implant, with the latest technology of Ergonomix is made with a silicone gel fill that has the advantages of softness and high elasticity. With the flexibility of implant, it enables minimal incision and natural looking breasts adaptation of implant that moves along with human body even when standing, sitting, walking, or lying down.

Motiva is even suitable for people with thin skin, and with its BluSeal® properties that appears slightly blue from the surface, reduces the chances of tearing and rupture of implants. Its Nano texture provides a velvety soft touch preventing the formation of capsular contracture, bumpy surface, and noticeable edges of implants. And what more, massage is not necessary with this implant!

Texture and Movement Clip of Motiva

Cons of Motiva Implants
SAFETY: Minimal incision, fast recovery, prevention of capsular contracture
NATURAL: Shape, movement, and feel of implants look natural even when lying down
PREMIUM: Implant that is provided to only board-certified surgeons

But another most important thing is THE SKILLS AND KNOW-HOW OF SURGEON for perfect results

Phd.,Md. Ock Jae Jin (head representative and breast specialist) of THE Plastic Surgery

  •        Motiva KOL (Asia’s one and only breast expert that has been invited to provide opinions on the production and products of Motiva)
  • A specialist that is recognized among doctors themselves
  •   Over 18 years of breast specialist without any accident


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What you need to know about High SMAS Facelift

High SMAS Facelift 
Today, I would like to introduce you about High SMAS facelift, which is a technique that has been invented by THE Plastic Surgery and is a popular procedure among Koreans. Let's see what exactly is High SMAS!! 

High SMAS is suitable for anyone...
* with excessive fat leading to sagging face
* who haven't seen results from thread lift, lasers, and other procedures  
* stressful with sagging skin and wrinkles that is shown through pictures or makeup when looking at the mirror
* with sagging skin after facial contouring procedures

Different from ordinary face lifting procedures, High SMAS involves lifting both muscle and skin layer in the front and profile area for maximum lifting and improvement of wrinkles. Fixation of SMAS layer and elimination of excess skin allows long-lasting results. 

During the initial period of surgery, I recommend resting and being extra careful due to possibility of bleeding and open wound. Do not strain, open mouth, or turn your face abruptly. The total duration of surgery is approximately 2-3 hours depending on the condition of individuals and the level of sagging. 

If you're ready to look and feel young again in your 20s-30s, then High SMAS is the ultimate solution for you. 

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How to achieve defined features? -- Eyes and Nose

It’s been 6 months after double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty!!
The doctor told me it takes around 6 months for eyelids to settle in place, but I think it is already!

The doctor recommended me double eyelid incision because I had excess fat in the upper eyelids and although it’s incision method, I didn’t have much swelling and bruises.
I like that the results are natural and creases are in moderate height.

And for my nose, I feel like rhinoplasty looks even more natural than fillers. Although filler did elevate my nose bridge, from front it looked wide… but with rhinoplasty, my nose bridge looks narrower giving my nose a higher effect.

I realized that to achieve beautiful results, doctor’s skills and hospital aftercare program is really important! I wasn’t happy with the results when I had my first surgery, and the clinic didn’t have aftercare service. But in The Plastic Surgery, I had thorough checkup with the doctor and scar management was explained to prevent prominent scars. For anyone planning to have plastic surgery, notice if the doctors explain the procedures in details and if they also provide aftercare service.

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Receding Chin Correction

      Hello, I used to only read reviews but finally I am writing review of my own.
It’s been 5 months since I’ve done genioplasty and long chin reduction.
Like everyone I was at first hesitant whether I should go for surgery or not because it’s basically bone surgery.

Now my chin has improved so much, it looks more defined and proportional to my face. But back then, it was stressful seeing my chin projected backwards and it didn’t look good in the selfies at all.

Then my friend suggested having consultation with the doctor of The Plastic Surgery.
I was skeptical whether the clinic is skillful, should I contact or not…
But it turned out the doctor exactly pinpointed my flaws. I remember that the doctor was very comforting and meticulous in consultation.

It has already been 5 months after surgery, but I’m still sometimes surprised when looking in the mirror. For anyone who’s still deciding, you can take a look at my review and then consult with the doctor first.

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Breast Augmentation -- Armpit Incision, Motiva Implants



This picture pretty much explains stress all my life.
Born as a woman, my breasts were never full enough to fit even in the smallest cup size. Tight dresses, bikinis, swimsuits? Never thought of wearing it. I was never confident about my figure.

Although scared, I wanted breast surgery to boost self-confidence and gain curves for feminine figure. I started searching for clinics and hospitals with qualified doctors that is able to create natural, voluminous looking breasts and of course without any medical accidents. I came across The Plastic Surgery, which is renowned among Korean patients and found out that the head doctor is recognized for breast enlargement and reconstruction. I started digging into his history, and patients who had surgery with Dr. Ock Jae Jin were also satisfied with the results.

I visited the clinic for consultation and before meeting the doctor, the coordinator took a snap of my breasts explaining that this is necessary for analysis. I have to say that consultation with Dr. Ock Jae Jin was very impressive. He showed me simulation pictures of my breasts before and after surgery where size, shape, and height were taken into account. I was able to see how my breasts would turn out and which cup size would fit into me. Motiva implants were used in my case.

I remembered I slept only few hours before the surgery date because of the anxiety, and it worried me if being fatigue would have any effect on the surgery. Turned out fine! I woke up from the anesthesia not too tired and feeling a bit dizzy but it was not too bad. Now, it has been 4 months after my surgery and frankly I feel great! My breasts are a full C cup, looks and feels totally natural. I’m glad it doesn’t look fake like other breasts out there where it looks unbalanced to the body and stiff. I feel more feminine and for the first time.. sexy? Wearing outfits are much more fun and I can even confidently wear tops that show cleavage!!!! Totally worth it!!

I think aftercare program of the clinic did speed up the recovery process. I visited the clinic several times to have follow up treatments, laser treatments to help with deswelling and bruises, treatments to lessen up the pain, as well as scar treatments. Thanks to the program, my scars on the armpit are well treated and looks natural like my own crease.

Thank you so much Dr. Ock!! I’ll definitely recommend The Plastic Surgery and Dr. Ock Jae Jin to people who are interested in breasts surgery!!

[INFO] "THE" Thread Lift

❤❤ [INFO] "THE" Thread Lift 👩 ❤❤ " I looked better five years ago. I look so much older now. My skin is sagging. How do ...